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Working & Winding Down when you Work from Home

Working from home has made life considerably easier for most of us given the convenience we enjoy working in our pyjamas. But working from home also means that the line between work life and personal life starts to blur. Soon enough we find ourselves drinking our sixth cup of coffee and when we finally look up at the window the unnecessarily bright sign of the supermarket a walk away is flickering to go off. It is easy to slip into an infinity ring where you are spending more time perfecting your work, entirely glued to a computer and there is no bell to pull you out of the trance.

For workaholics like many of us finding a healthy balance between working and winding down after, can be a struggle. That is where these tips will really help:

Make a time-table – This sounds like something out of secondary school but they were onto something. Setting up a schedule for yourself that is time-restricted makes working within that limit a challenge for which you are duly rewarded. Starting off the day with some simple breathing exercises or simple yoga and meditation could put you into the right mindset for a busy workday. Likewise, to log off work at a reasonable time at home, set an incentive for yourself, like ordering some takeout or cooking up some instant ramen or a hot bath.

Get Ready for Work – Yes you read that right. Remember the struggle to wake up early and get ready, have a quick bite, and rush before you get the traffic? Now that you have remembered, treat every day like that is what you need to do. With the pandemic making work homebound, literally, we tend to slack on our appearances and our usual work routine. Getting ready like you would under 'normal' circumstances for work, will automatically have you logging off at the right time, to change, wash up and wind down.

Set alarms/ reminders – This an incredibly easy but highly effective step. There is nothing like a constant buzzing or a repetitive tune to break you out of the work trance. On the other hand, reminder apps work well too. There are many cool and cute apps that can help to remind you of water breaks, lunch breaks, etc. stuff that is important to your well-being.

Have your family/friends call – There is nothing like a call from Mom or your BFF saying, "okay it is time to give the laptop and your eyes a rest." Calls from family members, Video call dinners with the BFFs, taking your pet for a walk, are all great ways to put the laptop back on charging mode and find some time for yourself too.

Set a goal – Anyone even remotely inspiring must have already said this but read it again. Set a target or goal for the day and work to achieve it. Daily goals and their accomplishment are a great motivation to know that you have done a good job for the day and keeps the boss happy too! Set targets that are achievable within a stipulated period and reward yourself when the target is challenging, but you smashed it anyway.

Tell us if this helped you to wind down after a long day and if you use other tricks to draw a line between work and play, share them with us too!



Ruth Pereira

Ruth is the Content Writer & Media Executive at Social Donut 101 based in India.

She is a writing, design, and pizza enthusiast and has a hard time resisting cake.

You can connect with her on Instagram @ruuthxo


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