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Tips To Organize a Chaotic Instagram Feed

Are you organized? An important question. There are many ways of being organized, and some of us certainly have better organizational skills than others. However, it is not the skill that matters, it is the need. A little bit of organization can make haphazard spaces relatively manageable. The same goes for an Instagram Feed. If your feed has been looking a bit chaotic and you have been thinking of reorganizing it, there is no better time to do it than in the Get Organized Month – January.

Here are some tips to sort out your feed:

Choose a layout: Choosing a layout is probably one of the easiest ways to organize your Instagram.

There are different types of Instagram layouts: -

  1. Squares – Basic, Clean, can be Colourful or Moody, Ideal for Beauty Brands, Gourmet Restaurants, Corporate Identities, Photographers, Quote Pages etc.

  2. Tiles – Can be done in a chessboard theme, aesthetically pleasing, can be as unique as you like, Ideal for Bloggers, Writers, Aesthetic pages

  3. Line in the middle – Unique, Ideal for those who like to share quotes, passages from books, poems, positive messages, also ideal for writers, bloggers, travel pages etc.

  4. Row by row – Creates a visible division between concepts, can be beautiful if done right, ideal for sharing landscape photography, conceptual pages, writers, poets and those who cannot hold to a specific aesthetic and would like to keep themes moving.

  5. Rainbow feed – Beautiful if done right, requires attention to detail and colour and a serious commitment to posting pictures within the scheme.

  6. Puzzle feed – Ideal for delicate and bespoke designs, can contain delicate designs, takes a lot more effort, needs to be planned well, may require slightly advanced design skills. Ideal for wedding photographers, wedding planners, luxury event management pages, travel bloggers, fashion pages etc.

  7. White border feed – Gives a clean look to the feed, can make the pictures look like polaroid clicks, easy to manipulate and change. Ideal for travel pages, luxury living pages, aesthetic pages etc.

  8. Mix – Entails pictures posted in no specific order or design, can follow a design for a while and then move into another posting method.

No matter what style you Pick, Stick to it!

Try not to be Repetitive: Avoid putting the exact same photo next to each other same outfit, same colour, same background colour etc. It makes the feed look chaotic and tacky. Switch up your pictures and if you must post more than two pictures from the same day or shoot, put them in the same post, using multiple options or space them out across the feed using dividers or breakers like pictures of food, flowers quotes etc. The layouts mentioned above will help you visualise this.

Let the Colours Guide You: Space out your pictures based on the colours you see in them. Try not to cluster pictures that obviously colour clash with each other. Use softer tones around pictures that are bright or have deep colours and if the picture is rich on its own consider matted or pastel colour boxes with small quotes or words that you like. This will help the main rich picture to stand out while maintaining an easy on the eyes look.

Backgrounds are Important: Try to keep the background of your photos the same. The background of your photograph has a massive impact on your feed. Try to always use the same background for your photos, especially if you take a lot of flat-lay photos or photos of food. If you cannot keep the same background, that is okay you need not worry, try to keep it as clean, simple, and minimalistic as possible. This way it will not clash with the rest of your feed.

Plan your Posts: Choose what you would like to post about. Thinking about what type of content you would like to post about is a great way of reigning in an Instagram feed that is going feral. This seems hard/impossible for someone taking photos of a lot of different things all the time. In which case you could try to find 1 – 5 things that you would really love to share. For example quotes, food flat lays, nature photos, outfit photos, your dog. Post about these 1 – 5 things for about three months to begin with and it will instantly create consistency in your Instagram Feed.

Prepare Content in Advance: If you find your schedule getting busy and you could potentially lose track of your Instagram feed due to irregular clicking and posting, it would be helpful to plan some content ahead of time to make sure that you are not left looking at the walls for inspiration. Keeping a stash of Quotes, Cute Patterns or even Song Lyrics that would complement your feed can come in handy on the days when you find yourself short on pictures.

Scheduling is Helpful: Schedule your posts using paid or free scheduling apps. They cut down the effort of posting at a particular time and date. Often while posting you would want to follow a particular posting pattern or specific timing and chances are you would not be available to do so. That is where a scheduler will save your life.

These tips will prove helpful to maintain a good feed that has a great aesthetic. Remember to make it all your own and stick to your plan.



Ruth Pereira

Ruth is the Content Writer & Media Executive at Social Donut 101 based in India.

She is a writing, design, and pizza enthusiast and has a hard time resisting cake.

You can connect with her on Instagram @ruuthxo



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