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How the Instagram Algorithm Works

Here is a little something we know about how the IG Algorithm works, last we checked. A simple breakdown of a complex system that operates one of the most popular social media app.

Instagram uses an arithmetic formula to predict actions that people would take on a post. For example, a post with the most saves, according to the current algorithm, would be considered more relevant. Instagram sources content for explore from seed accounts, which are like the ones a person already follows. Being identified as a seed account could be key to getting your content surfaced on the explore page. To be identified as a seed account, you need to be seen so Instagram can determine what your page is about, & which accounts you are most like.

The algorithm sifts through the photos and videos to bring more relevant content to their users. For example, say a travel post caught your eye and you click then like it and keep scrolling. IG immediately uses this as a signal to tune your recommendations. So, the goal would be to create content that makes your following want to connect with you and save or share your posts.

Instagram makes sure personal feeds feature what is important to users. Which is why posts, reels or IGTVs from friends or family will show up higher on your personal feed. When you follow and interact frequently with certain accounts, the algorithm considers them to be your friends, BFFs, and family, thereby prioritising their posts for your feed. Similarly, if you constantly search up posts from certain accounts, IG uses that info as an indicator that you are interested in those & similar seed accounts appear in the explore. Keeping connections with accounts that you would want to be associated with as a seed account is important for this reason. Comments, tags, and hashtags help with this.

When you create a page, you follow all the leading companies from your relevant industry, and the next time you refresh your feed or go over to explore, you are most likely to find recommendations of other companies that operate in the same field. Likewise, Instagram is using your follow information to suggest your page to others, it is how IG offers relevant suggestions.

All in all, the algorithm behind Instagram is ever changing and it does become difficult to keep popping up on the explore page from time to time due to the immense increase in content and its creators. The important thing to remember is that, when you create and share content that is engaging, organic and real, it is going to be recognized. Like we have said before, an engaged community is more likely to help boost promotion of your content and brand.

Focus on getting saves, shares, comments and keeping your existing followers happy. Pair this with the use of right hashtags, repeating them so that you secure your place and establish your page under them. Keep your posts exciting, staying well connected with other accounts in your niche and create engaging content. This will help you become visible to the IG algorithm and move up on the explore page.



Ruth Pereira

Ruth is the Content Writer & Media Executive at Social Donut 101 based in India.

She is a writing, design, and pizza enthusiast and has a hard time resisting cake.

You can connect with her on Instagram @ruuthxo



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