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Social Media

We love working on social media and know that no two clients have the same requirements with digital media and especially social media. From providing strategies to build a strong social media presence to managing social media platforms as well designing creatives, we are equipped to provide a full fledged social media package and fulfill all requirements.


We have worked with clients from diverse industries and with different requirements. We have have helped clients with their social media presence through management and designing creatives. The following pieces are a representation of some of the work that we have worked on.

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Ales Brews and Ciders


Ales, Brews and Ciders is a restaurant and brewery in Pune that is well known for its freshly brewed beer. We designed their social media identity during and after their launch. We also, designed a series of creatives for special events and promotions.

PHOTO-2020-06-15-21-47-14 6.jpg
PHOTO-2020-06-15-21-47-14 11.jpg

Food & Beverage Industry


We have worked on numerous projects with a variety of F&B clients. The designs were executed keeping in mind the brands' signature styles while highlighting special events or promotions.

Chianti Ristorante


Chianti is a chain of Italian restaurants that just inaugurated their first restaurant in Pune, India. We created a social media campaign focused on Instagram for their launch. The campaign is an attempt to educate, inform about the A-Zs of Italian food and subsequently get people interested in Italian cuisine.

PHOTO-2020-06-15-21-47-14 8.jpg
PHOTO-2020-06-15-21-47-14 4.jpg

Automotive Industry


Collaborating with automotive industry clients, We have worked on and advised them about their social media strategy while also crafting unique, impactful posts for the brands themselves. The creatives placed a special emphasis on highlighting the design of the cars or bikes and reluctantly I worked to draw attention to them.

Rare Jewels


Ranka is a popular brand of jewellery in India with stores in a number of cities in India. Rare Jewels is a venture that seeks to target the luxury segment with a series of pieces styled around gems and precious stones.

PHOTO-2020-06-15-21-47-14 13.jpg

Social Media Services


Social Media Strategy


We plan and develop a custom 360-degree social media strategy tailored to your business's requirements - which include goads, analytics, audience data, competitive analysis, social media audit, account set up and optimization of current accounts.

Social Media Management


At Social Donut we will take the stress off of managing your social media accounts so you can focus on building your brand. Our management of accounts will including post creation and scheduling, audience engagement, brand awareness, creating content and so on. 


Social Media Creatives


When it comes to social media, just posting pre-existing media is not enough. Creative and captivating artworks is what makes the audience wanting for more. We have a team of talented individuals with an eye for design to create visually aesthetic designs that will make your audience ask for more.

Below are the various industries that we have designed social media creatives along with a portfolio of our various works

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