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Soccerji is an Android and iOS app for football fans, players and administrators. It offers the extended football community a social network to connect with like-minded people. It also offers its users an opportunity to measure, track their progress, grow as players and subsequently connect with the right people and organizations to compete in even bigger competitions.

A very direct messaging method was adopted for the brand's stationery. Elements like the soccer field and the football were used to strongly invoke emotions attached to football. A small colour palette was used to only draw attention to the symbols related to football. After working on a few illustrations that depicted the football field, we were certain that it could be effectively used in branding materials like business cards. The goalposts of both the teams were also realized in the drawn field to make prospective users also relate to the competitive nature of the sport, thereby working with Soccerji to improve their game. The patterns and designs of the football field and the football itself were decidedly minimal to only focus on the sport and Soccerji's proposition. The positioning of the football in the center of the pitch is symbolic too. It represents that with Soccerji, the ball is always there for the users to claim.

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