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Scomadi India

Scomadi is a British scooter brand with a production facility in Thailand. The brand’s scooters are marketed and sold as lifestyle products in Europe and Asia. The products are inspired by the automotive design flair of the 60’s but use modern materials and components and are endlessly customisable.

Scomadi uses vibrant colours and patterns along with the brand motif on their scooters. A watercolour effect was chosen specifically for this piece to highlight the stunning shades of the scooters. On another pattern used across designs, we used shades and tints of the three primary colours of the Union Jack to highlight the British roots of Scomadi scooters. The triangular pattern, that is easy to stack and interlock, allowed me the liberty to showcase a wide variety of shades of the three colours. The triangle was chosen as the only geometric shape because of its simplicity and also because it is the most stable geometric shape, thus further underlining the qualities of Scomadi scooters.

The silhouette of the Scomadi scooter is in itself a distinctive design that would resonate with people on the lookout for a retro-modern scooter. The silhouette has hence been used as a design element extensively for the brand's merchandise. 

A range of T-Shirts and caps that represented the brand's values were designed for the collection. The T-Shirts also highlighted the striking colours that the scooters were painted in along with the word 'Scomadi'. The easily recognizable front fascia was prominently highlighted throughout these designs.

Social Media

The Scomadi brand despite its popularity in Europe was a relative unknown in India. To help it find a place in Indian consciousness, an extensive social media campaign had to be created. The campaign was designed ensuring that the brand's timeless appeal was apparent in the creatives. 
A series of posts were made, specifically for Instagram, that focused on the scooter's impressive aesthetics and its British lineage above all. The creatives were realized as large multi-post features with each post only displaying part of the design.

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