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Reasons to Use LinkedIn for Your Business

Any business can improve their sales and marketing efforts by tapping into social media and building core followers through high-quality content. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are by far the most popular social media platforms that brands use to connect with their audience and cater to potential clients. But if you’re not already using LinkedIn for your business, here’s why you should begin to consider it.

By using LinkedIn as a platform to build a professional identity for your business, you can build a strong network of individuals who can add value as well as help you to develop a sales pipeline for your business. The fact that it is completely free to use and is highly effective when used well, is just the cherry on top of the cake of benefits that LinkedIn could garner for you. Unlike other social media platforms, people come to LinkedIn specifically to see business-related content, which is a focused intent that can be super valuable for brands looking to grow online. These points below will help you understand what we mean:

Helps grow your reach

The success of any business depends on its customer base and potential supplier base. LinkedIn offers a simple connection to both. Any company can raise and develop it’s brand awareness by taking advantage of the advanced search option made available on this platform to reach out to potential customers, suppliers, logistics providers and other businesses within the industry.

Assists in sourcing and engaging talent

Working professionals all around the globe use LinkedIn. So, it is fairly easy to find talent and connect with potential employees incredibly easy. It can also connect you with employers and recruiters from other brands and industries to grow a professional network. LinkedIn offers premium subscriptions that make it easy to find talent, with them you can, Post job openings, Send 30 direct LinkedIn messages to talent you’re interested in, Use advanced search options to find exactly what you’re looking for, Sort and manage your candidate pool, Easily track candidates and open roles.

Provides a platform to promote your business

Your business, no matter the industry, is part of a community. It is within this group that you can promote and present your brand values and ideas. Communities are core to the success of every business. Employees, partners, customers and job candidates comprise a community, and together, can help drive your company’s growth through meaningful conversations. What LinkedIn creates, is a platform to engage with your community.

Improves your brand’s credibility

In this present time and age, businesses are more than profit making enterprises. Business is about showing your brand's purpose, it's unique identity and offering something valuable to society, that encourages your audience to trust & follow your brand. Creating and publishing rich content that is relevant and based on your expertise on will allow you, with time, to become a thought leader in your industry space. It will also attract the kind of audience that your brand needs.

Offers support to your external website

As with any form of social media, you can use LinkedIn to deliver traffic to your website and any landing pages you have. A great company page should be a glimpse into your business and an outlet that can help engage shareable content that your target audience finds relevant and beneficial. If you offer good quality content consistently LinkedIn could be the missing link that drives your Business to a higher level.

We've talked about Why you need to consider getting your Business on LinkedIn. If you feel like this is the right step forward for you, here is How To Create Your LinkedIn Business Page.

Create a LinkedIn Account on your desktop and follow the steps below.

· Click the Work icon in the top right corner of your LinkedIn homepage.

· Click Create a Company Page.

· Select the Page type you’d like to create from the following options:

1. Small business

2. Medium to large business

3. Showcase page

· Enter your Page identity, Company or Institution details, and Profile details information.

· Click Create page.

· Click Start building your page! to build out your Page.

We hope this article was helpful and would love to hear from you!



Ruth Pereira

Ruth is the Content Writer & Media Executive at Social Donut 101 based in India.

She is a writing, design, and pizza enthusiast and has a hard time resisting cake.

You can connect with her on Instagram @ruuthxo



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