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Mould : Your Gateway to the
World of Cheese

Dairy Australia and the organisers of Pinot Palooza in collaboration with Nick Haddow of Bruny Island Cheese Co., MOULD brings together the best artisan cheese producers from across the country for a day of cheese festival with wine, masterclasses and food. Mould also serves as platform for dairy lovers to explore cheese bites at home through safe & secure online delivery.


It is a platform to connect chefs and artisans with their buyers through in the rm of a festival serving delicious cheese and hand crefated alcogol. It is a way of socialising and a means for artisans to earn and connect with their customers.


The overall brand personality is casual, fun yet exclusive. The brief was to have a very iformative website without it looking like a corporate one. The brand portrays itself to sell unadulterated and vintage cheese in a welcoming and enjoyable environment. Hence their goal is to make more and more people interested and educated about their cheese and their festivals and sell more tickets online to make better profits for the artisans and themselves.

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