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Catmosphere is a non-profit organisation that develops support programs to help shelter cats and kittens. Being charitable, the association strives to be the first to understand and implement new programs for the benefit of their cats. They work with rescue organisations to establish a supportive environment for the homeless cats; to supply them with everything they need and support numerous cats to find their new forever homes. All services provided by Catmosphere vary widely involving pet and human interactions, including Catflix Cat Cinema that blends movies and felines for a chilled-out environment.


The objective of the concept was to provide the brand with a strong yet admirable personality and a logo that could be identified by audience of all kinds for charity and interaction. The logotype previously designed for the association consisted of dense graphics and multiple identities that combined the brand name with outers-pace elements.

The first step of the redesign was to make the logo simpler. This design allows a better reading of the logomark in terms of the brand’s literal meaning and personality. The final logotype consists of a ball of yarn represented as a planet  where a cat clings, to conveys the idea of playfulness of a cat and the brand’s services. The rendering of the logo as a whole and also the typographic element is both effectively appropriate to the subject and timeless in this treatment. The logo also has minimal elements like stars to illustrate an atmosphere/space behind which is symbolic to the time spent in the cafe which in words can be described as an “out of the world” experience.

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